• Internet Explorer 8+

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    Windows Internet Explorer 8+ is the most basic graphical web browser invented by Microsoft for the operating system. It is the most latest version and release of Internet explore after Internet Explorer 7. It include features like fastest loading, Web Slicing, predictive URL bar with an increased se Read More

  • Google Chrome

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    Google chrome is a freeware open source web browser designed by Google. Its initial release was September 2, 2008 with the availability of 43 languages. It is written in JavaScript, Assembly, C, C++, Python. The fact about google chrome is that it is available in 50 languages. Chrome is simply fast Read More

  • Opera

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    Opera is a web browser designed by Opera Software with an initial release in late 1994. Opera is currently available in 61 languages. The most interesting thing about opera is that its smartphone version is also available as Operamini for which you just need to have an internet connection. Opera Min Read More

  • Safari

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    Safari is a Web Browser developed by Apple Inc. and available for Macintosh and Windows operating systems as well as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Safari is an excellent browser because of many reasons; its speed, ease of use and clean aesthetics. In addition to this, there are few more appealing Read More