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Latest Website Trends that can’t be ignored in 2014

2014 has already started and from the very beginning, we have seen many websites using latest website techniques and trends, which will certainly have a major impact on your projects in 2014 with some trends from 2013 will be there as trending always. So, here are the following latest website trends:

Focus on mobile

We all are familiar with the term ‘responsive web design’. It seems that it has conquered the mobile internet world. Responsive web design is becoming more popular among mobile internet users. Designers are swiftly working on keeping their websites functioning on mobile devices. Besides this, developers are also taking a step further that more and more devices and its users are accessing and browsing the web.

Mix & Match Typography

This is one of the major factor that has an intense impact on your websites as it includes two or three different fonts that makes the web page or website more appealing and attractive.

Videos replace text

Videos are the best way to communicate among your audiences and customers. They are the best way to use instead of text. Moreover, they are easier to share not only on your website, but on social media as well. Many video sharing websites such as Youtube.com allows you to track how many views it got plus reviews it gets help you in a better way.

Quality content is the King

It is the most important factor and it should be the priority. Though 2013 was the year of quality content and it remains to continue in 2014 too.